How to pay for your advert

We always recommend that you email your ad to us first to confirm the price. You can email us from here, and call us on 829-876-1151.

Option 1 - Pay Online

You can pay immediately online using a credit card, Paypal or Google Checkout here. Please email the ad or text to us, using the contact page.

Option 2 - Pay into the bank

We have bank accounts at Banco BHD or Banco Santa Cruz. Please ask us for the relevant information. When paying into the bank, please ensure that you include your name or company name as the payment reference, so that we can match your payment to your advert.

Option 3 - Ask us to visit you

For ads costing more than 1000 pesos, call us on (1) 829-876-1151 or email us and we can arrange to visit your business and discuss your advertising requirements.