Ad Prices

A quick guide to our prices is shown below. If you would like to see all the available ad sizes, you can download our rate-card in pdf format here.

All prices are per week for 3000 copies distributed.

Prices are for mono ads (black & white) unless otherwise specified.

Download the full Rate Card in PDF format showing all ad sizes here

Classified Advertising

Classified ads are free, at our discretion for non-commercial ads and ads unrelated to real-estate, business, rentals or recruitment. We reserve the right to refuse any ads without reason. You can place a classified ad immediately online here.

Lineage ads are 50 pesos for up to 3 lines of text - 10 pesos per line after this.

You can check to see how many words and the cost of your classified ad here.

Box 1” high - 175 pesos (35mm x 25.4mm)
Box 2” high - 300 pesos (35mm x 50.8mm)
73mm x 44mm - 350 pesos
73mm x 59mm - 500 pesos
White on black + 50%

Main body of magazine

Please note: We cannot promise any specific positioning unless you pay the 25% positioning surcharge. For guaranteed page 2 or page 3 position, further charges may be applicable. Please ask.

The "Main Body" of the magazine is any inside page except the classifieds.

1/32 page - 200 pesos (44.5mm x 31mm)
1/16 page - 350 pesos (93mm x 31mm)
1/12 page - 500 pesos (93mm x 47mm)
1/8 page - 600 pesos (93mm x 63mm)
1/8 page full color - 900 pesos
1/6 page - 850 pesos (93mm x 94mm)
1/4 page - 1200 pesos (93mm x 126mm)
1/4 page full color - 1800 pesos
1/3 page - 1600 pesos (190mm x 84mm)
1/2 page - 2200 pesos (190mm x 126mm)
1/2 page full color - 3300 pesos
Full page mono - 4000 pesos (190mm x 254mm)
Full page color - 6500 pesos
Back Page Color - 9000 pesos
Color ads are the Mono price + 50% surcharge
Color ads are subject to available space. Color ads are usually placed inside the front or back cover, but no positioning placement can be guaranteed or implied. Quality of color reproduction is not guaranteed. Please check our advertising terms and conditions before booking.

Front page

Box 37mm x 43mm full color- 600 pesos
Box 74mm x 43mm full color- 1000 pesos
Banner 190mm x 20mm full color - 1400 pesos

Download Rate Card in PDF format showing all ad sizes

Flyers and Inserts

If you would like to advertise to just a small area, or one town. e.g. Cabarete, we can insert your flyers into the Adscenes that will be delivered to that area.

The cost is 1 peso per insert, so if we insert 500 flyers, your cost is just 500 pesos.

If you wish to cover the whole area, then the cost for 3000 insertions is 3000 pesos.

Web Advertising

The Adscene website gets a lot of local and international visitors each week, along with our sister website

Banners are available on either website from low monthly prices starting at 500 pesos per month.

We are also accepting banner advertising for

Please ask us for more information.


10% discount when 4 weeks prepaid.

All prices exclude ITBIS @ 16%

Full terms and conditions for advertising here.

Print run 3000 copies per issue

Ad Submission Deadline:

As each Adscene is being distributed on the Thursday, the next week's edition is being finished off ready for printing. It takes one full week for the 3000 copies to be printed.

So, in order to get your ad published, we must receive the advert and your payment by Thursday 4pm, for publication the following Thursday.

Download Rate Card in PDF format showing all ad sizes