Terms and Conditions for Advertising

It is very important that you read our terms and conditions carefully before you submit an advert for publication with us. Advertisers placing ads with the Adscene will have been deemed as agreeing to our terms and conditions. Terms and Conditions may change at any time.

Terms (last amended Oct 7, 2011)

  1. Advert bookings must be accompanied by full payment. We do not offer credit facities.
  2. Deadlines are strictly 4pm Thursday, the week before publication. If cleared payment has not been received and acknowledged by this time, then the ad will not be published.
  3. We can provide advertisers with a fiscal factura with your company name on if required. We can only issue these by email in PDF format, and only after receipt of your company details, name, address, RNC and full payment along with the appropriate taxes. We do not issue invoices or facturas before full payment has been received. We also cannot backdate facturas more than 1 month.
  4. We recommend that you confirm your ad and payment with us well before the deadline, as Thursday (deadline day) is particularly busy, and if you are trying to arrange an ad on this day, there is a possibility that we may not be able to attend to your requirements before the deadline.
  5. Please bear in mind that the Adscene keeps ad prices as low as possible. We do not employ sales people and we do not sell ad space on commission. Ad prices are are non-negotiable and cover the cost of printing and directly related expenses only.
  6. Prices are quoted in Dominican Pesos (RD$) unless specifically stated otherwise and do not include local taxes.
  7. We normally send out a proof to your email address before the deadline, for adverts we have designed. It is important that you check the proof and notify us of any mistakes or changes you would like, in plenty of time before the deadline, so that we can rectify it. Failure to notify us before the deadline, means that your ad will be published as per the proof, and we will not be liable for any mistakes therein. We are not obligated to send out a proof, but do this as a convenience for advertisers. We send out proofs in PDF format as an email attachment. If you cannot open the attachment, you may need to download Adobe Reader, available free from http://get.adobe.com/reader/
  8. Design service: Many advertisers are able to send print-ready artwork. If you are not able to do this, we can offer a basic free design assistance service, but normally only for ads that have been booked for 4 or more weeks. As the service is free the time we can spend on each ad is limited. Unlike other publications, we do not inflate the price of your ad to include expensive design costs. Your ad price only covers the cost of the space in the Adscene. We can arrange for or recommend a full range of professional paid design services if you would prefer a more comprehensive personal design service.
  9. Any text, logos, graphics, photos or other items sent by the advertiser, or on behalf of the advertiser, to be used in an advert are assumed to be owned by the advertiser. If you send us any such material, then it is your responsibility to ensure you have the legal right to reproduce or use it in this way. The legal responsibility remains with the advertiser and the Adscene will not be held liable for any copyright infringements relating to items received.
  10. We cannot guarantee the quality of the printing process or color reproduction as we outsource this to a local printing company. Due to time constraints, they sometimes make mistakes and the printing may not be up to our usual standards. When this happens we are unable to provide any refunds, unless the ad is totally illegible due to a printing mistake and it would be impossible for a reader to read your contact details and/or the purpose for your ad. Font changes, ads that are too dark or too light, slightly blurry, etc do not warrant a refund. If you think this may cause you a problem, then please contact us to discuss alternatives before placing the ad.
  11. Date of publication is not guaranteed. We aim to distribute each edition on the Thursday of every week and this is generally the case. If, for reasons outside of our control we are unable to distribute on a particular day, we will make best efforts to distribute as close to that day as possible. We are unable to provide compensation or refunds if your ad does not appear on the exact day you requested. If your ad is date sensitive, we recommend you book it for publication the week or two prior to your event taking place. The Adscene is a weekly publication which inevitably means that some people will not read it until later in the week. If for some reason the Adscene cannot be printed for a specfic week, advertisers will be notified and your ad will roll over to the following week.
  12. When booking an ad, you are paying for a space in the Adscene magazine of a specific size and quantity according to our current distribution (2011-10-07: 3000 copies). Ads are deemed to be printed in mono (black/white) unless specifically described as "full color" in writing or by email. No positioning is guaranteed or implied, either position on the page or a specific page. We can arrange for guaranteed position, on receipt of a position surcharge (currently 25-40% of the price of the ad). The only exceptions to this are ads that are described as "Front page" or "Back page", where the price includes the guaranteed front or back page position. Ads not described as front or back page will generally (but are not guaranteed) to be placed on one of the inner pages. Ads described as "Classified" will generally (but are not guaranteed) to be placed on one of the "Classified" pages towards the back section of the Adscene. We make best efforts to place classified ads in the classified category requested by the advertiser or deemed most suitable by us. No refunds or compensation can be issued for classified ads that appear in a classified category other than that requested. Color ads will be placed on one of the color pages, which are generally the inside front and back covers, or the center pages. The type of paper used to print the Adscene and hence on which your ad will be printed cannot be guaranteed or assumed and may be standard Bond 20 matt or glossy paper depending on availability.
  13. Adverts designed or altered by the Adscene are the sole property of the Adscene and cannot be used by the advertiser in any other promotions unless previously agreed in writing. Advertisers who take our ads and re-use them in anyway without our express permission will be refused any future services from us or any of our affiliate or ancilliary businesses, and may be subject to legal proceedings.