Classified Ads

Classified lineage ads are free, at our discretion for non-commercial ads and ads unrelated to real-estate, business, rentals or recruitment. We reserve the right to refuse any ads without reason.

Option 1 - Place it Online

For maximum free exposure

Open a free account on and place your ad in the classified section. Ads can be personal or commercial. At this moment all classified ads are free on

The Adscene has an arrangement with DominicanCentral and will print any free ads displayed there if they conform to our guidelines for free ads, e.g. not related to real-estate, rentals, business, recruitment, business, etc.

If your ad is commercial, and you would like it published in the Adscene, then please also contact us using option 3 below.

Option 2 - Free Ads

Email the ad directly to the Adscene here.

For free ads, the ad should be no more than 20 words, in lower case letters.

We cannot accept free ads from businesses, ads advertising new items, or free ads relating to real-estate, rentals or recruitment.

Option 3 - Commercial Classified Ads

For real-estate ads, business ads, rental, recruitment or whatever, please email us your ad here.